The name IL PINTURICCHIO was chosen by fate after an unexpected visit to a small museum in Cortona. Here a member of the Betti family was attracted by a painting placed in a corner of the room, he went up to it feeling it could be important. When he arrived in front of the painting he read the name of the artist: Il Pinturicchio – Bernardino Betti!

A few days later this surprising finding turned to incredulous astonishment when, after a brief search, he found the date of death of the painter: December 11 1513! Exactly the date of birth of that member of the family who saw the painting in the museum some days before. Of course, with a few  years in between, 445 to be precise!


Once the name was chosen, we needed to choose a brand and a motto that could distinguish us from the rest. The name followed by the payoff “Shop, Eat, Enjoy”, seemed the right one.


During the restoration of the building, specific attention was paid to the environment, choosing eco-friendly high quality materials. Ventilated floors, multiple insulating walls and multicolored LED lights contribute to minimize the thermal dispersion of the spaces and to achieve energy savings.


Coherent with these principles, we have arranged 40 parking spaces for bicycles and other 40 for cars, these last ones reserved to customers, in order to maximize the turn over of the vehicles and to improve the use of bicycles. Some bicycles will be made available by Il Pinturicchio. Finally 4 recharge points for electric cars will be installed soon.